Welcome on this website about the traditional Persian, also called the doll faced Persian, classical Persian or European typed Persian. This site has the intention to inform you about this gorgeous breed and show you the way to cattery's breeding this wonderful cat. This website will always be under construction as I hope to add more and more in the future.
The Persian is the most popular breed among the long-haired cats; others include Sacred Birman, Turkish Van, Ragdoll, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat and the Exotic (short hair version of the Persian). Every recognized breed has his own standard about how the cat should look (body, head, ears, fur, colors etc). The Persian Standard did not change in about the last twenty years, only some breeders and judges in America started to interpret the standard differently. The short nose and clear break became shorter and higher. This resulted eventually in the 'peeked face' Persian, now forbidden because of the cat's health problem. But still these days you see for the most part only extreme American type Persians on cat shows. I hope this website will contribute to get the traditional, doll faced Persian back in the picture again. The Persian standard is more then just a description about the nose of the cat!